Hello from Tara!

Nov 18

Hello and welcome to my brand-new site! I’m so excited to have a space where I can not only keep you guys up to date about when my next book is due to land in stores, and share sneak-peeks of my latest work-in-progress, but also post my thoughts on author-life, publishing, writing and my fave YA reads!

This site is also a new way to connect with you guys – my amazing readers!

My absolute favourite thing about being an author has always been connecting with the readers of my books. Since How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You first landed in Aussie bookstores in 2012, I’ve received the most wonderful messages almost every single week via Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads and Twitter, from book-lovers of all ages. Whether it’s a message swooning about Hayden Paris, in-depth questions about Emily and Adriana’s friendship, or just a DM to say ‘I love your writing’ or ‘How to Keep is my cheer-up read’ or ‘Will there be another Aurora book? Please say yes!!’ your messages mean the world to me.

Very often I seem to receive a message right at the moment I’m feeling a little discouraged – when I’m worrying about my future as a creative, feeling doubts over my abilities, or wondering whether I’m meant to keep persisting with putting my words into the world – your messages lift me up, and they give me renewed courage and faith.

One of the most special things I’ve experienced over the years, is seeing readers who first contacted me in their early years of high school, grow into the most incredible young women, who are now starting their university studies, following the call of their unique talents and passions, determined to make their mark upon the world. To still be in contact via Instagram, or Twitter, chatting regularly, all these years on, is such a privilege.

This is one of the main reasons I love to write  – because stories create connections. Whether that’s sharing the love of a long-treasured book with a friend, establishing new friendships via the book communities existing on Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads, or chatting online with a favourite author – books, and our love for the written word – create significant meaning in our everyday life.

With this site, I’m hoping to be able to connect with you guys even more. I’m super keen to not only answer your eager (and fantastic!) questions, but to also give you more of an in-depth look at my life as an author. I’m going to share some things I’ve never shared before –  real-life inspirations behind the characters in my books, my own high school experience (actual excerpts from my teen diaries, eek!), the highlights and lowlights of Author life, and lots more!

I’d love to hear from you guys – whether you have a question you’d like me to answer here on the blog (I love questions – fire away!), or you’d like to email me directly – you can now say hello via [email protected]

If you’d like to receive a notification whenever I post (so you don’t miss out on any good stuff!) you can subscribe to my blog – just fill out your details in the field on the right hand side of this page ♥ 

Coming up on the blog…the real life inspiration behind Hayden Paris (ooh!) 😉

Much love guys, and thank you again for your enthusiasm and support!